Laying a wooden deck

Dress up your exterior

Natural, practical and exotic, the wooden deck has established itself as the essential high-end element of a successful outdoor space. Host of your summer days and evenings, the wooden terrace will contribute to create a unique atmosphere of vacation and escape for you and your loved ones. The experience of our craftsmen parkers will ensure you a wooden terrace of quality, stable and durable.

Solid wood terrace in Mulhouse
Solid wood terrace in Saint-Louis
Solid wood terrace in Altkirch

The wooden terrace

Continuity of your interior

True continuity of your home, your terrace must be chosen with taste and laid with care. This is why we offer you different types of wood and composite materials to suit your interior. Our craftsmen will ensure you a meticulous and durable installation in the perfect extension of your home.

The Haut-Rhin wooden terrace

An ideal pool border

What could be more pleasant on a hot day than to walk barefoot on the wooden edge of a pool just before cooling off? Water resistant and not burning your feet (even in high heat), wood is the ideal material for your pool deck. Created to measure by our craftsmen parquet floorers, the wooden edge of your pool will adapt perfectly to the specific dimensions and shapes of your pool.

Solid wood terrace in Leymen
Solid wood terrace in Blotzheim
Solid wood terrace in Hésingue

The different types of wood

European wooden terrace

Exotic wood terrace

Thermo-heated wooden terrace

Wood composite terrace

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