Laminate or vinyl flooring

Laying laminate or floating parquet flooring
Installation of vinyl flooring or floating vinyl flooring

Invented in 1913 by two American engineers, laminate flooring is not strictly speaking “a parquet floor”. Indeed, laminate flooring is not really composed of raw wood, but of several layers of different materials. A layer of transparent protective resin, followed by a decorative layer perfectly imitating the design of the desired wood and itself glued to a lower layer composed of wood fibers ensuring the stability of the board. In the same family there are also vinyl floors, which are a similar solution but are more resistant to humidity and offer better acoustic insulation.

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Koehl Laminate Flooring
Fashion at low prices

Embellish your interiors thanks to a reproduction of the most beautiful existing floors. Aesthetic and versatile, laminate is the most popular floor covering in France. Laminate and vinyl floors offer you the possibility to decorate your interior with a floor that requires little attention and with a very good quality/price ratio. Choose the laminate or vinyl flooring that suits your interior (including your bathroom) and let us dress even your smallest rooms with a simple yet sturdy material (floating installation).

The laminate
Longevity & maintenance

Attractive and easy to care for, laminate and vinyl floors are particularly scratch and impact resistant floor coverings. It can be easily cleaned with a broom for dust and a damp mop to remove stains. However, laminate flooring does not like humidity at all (except for bathroom laminate) and unlike wooden flooring it cannot be sanded. In case of damage or heavy soiling it is therefore necessary to change it.

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Find inspiration

Our laminate and vinyl flooring creations are the result of our long-standing collaboration with the French brand Quick Step and the German brand Ter Hürne. Find inspiration by visiting the websites of our partner QuickStep, which offers you the opportunity to try out various floor designs and colors in different environments (it is even possible to choose the color of the walls).

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