Maintenance & Renovation

Renovation, maintenance and style change

Renovation of solid wood or engineered parquet flooring

Although it is one of the most resistant and durable floor coverings, your parquet will not escape the laws of time: stains, scratches, deformations or natural wear and tear are inevitable. However, solid parquet and laminate flooring offer the advantage of being able to be renovated identically and even to change style and color. Thanks to a nearly centenary know-how we offer you to touch up and renovate your parquet floors in the rules of the art.

Varnished or glazed parquet

Maintenance of a varnished or vitrified parquet flooring

When properly cleaned, a sealed floor needs to be renovated after several decades. Dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth. Once a month, sweep with a microfiber broom. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice regarding your sealed Koehl Parquet.

Renovation of a varnished or vitrified parquet flooring

In order to give back the brightness of the first few days to your floor we will proceed in 3 steps: Cleaning and degreasing, white sanding with specialized parquet equipment and application of two coats of sealer at 3 hour intervals. Depending on the case, after 24 hours of drying your parquet will be like new!

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Parquet flooring with oil finish

Maintenance of an oiled parquet

Very resistant and easy to maintain, it requires the same care as a vitrified parquet floor, i.e. regular dusting and a dampened microfiber broom once a month. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on the maintenance of your oiled Koehl Parquet.

Renovation of an oiled parquet floor

In order to take back irregularities of the floor and to give it back its aspect of the first days, it will be necessary to re-oil it entirely after a few years (depending on the case). We proceed in 3 steps: Degreasing with an adapted machine, sanding and/or application of the new layer of oil. Allow 4 hours of drying time depending on the oil and your floor will regain its warm and authentic aspect of yesteryear.

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Waxed finish parquet flooring

Maintenance of a waxed floor

100% natural finish but requires more attention than the other two types of finishes. It is important to clean regularly with a damp sponge and in case of stain the only solution will be to lightly sand the area and then apply a coat of wax. Contact us for more information about the maintenance of your waxed Koehl Floor.

Renovation of a waxed floor

In order to give your waxed floor a new look, it will be necessary once a year to remove the wax and lightly sand the floor before recoating it. We will proceed on 3 steps: stripping the parquet with a dry steam cleaner, light sanding and careful waxing.

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